Many of the children, especially those living on the streets and in families which are migrant laborers do not go to school at all. It is estimated that almost 800,000 children in India are living on the streets and a large section of these children are based in the metro cities of the nation. 

These children are bereft of traditional education system and also often vulnerable to exploitation and child abuse. 

Kalam Library made it a point to reach out to them. Since these children cannot come to the libraries, the libraries started reaching out to them. This was the start of Kalam Nukkad (road crossing) Librarian. 

A team of dedicated and qualified youth are selected for this project and they devote 100 hours to work on streets using a specially designed mobile library kits. They also carry a laptop on which they use the digital content supplied to them. They also organize special roadside motivation lectures by experts from different areas for small groups of children to help them in career guidance.

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