80% percent of the learning neurons in a child’s mind are motor based learning – which essentially we learn by mimicking other humans. Further, we found that many of the underprivileged children lack role models and mentors.

This gave birth to the idea of recruiting Human Librarian for Children. Every mind is a classroom and every life story is a book. Let’s read !

Who can be a Human Librarian?

  • Anyone with an interesting story to share. It may come from your own career path, experiences or a prepared lecture. Please note that the children would love local language more than English! 
  • Your lecture should be between 30 to 45 min – leave some room for curious questions! Children are candid interviewers. Please be on time. 
  • Sessions are usually conducted in regular schooling hours and on working days – so please spare time accordingly. 
  • Every human librarian is encouraged to donate one (or more) of their favorite book to the library established in the premises. 
  • To register as a Human Librarian 



What if I am a teacher or a volunteer and want to host a Human Librarian?

If you are a teacher of a government or private school we would love to help you find subject matter experts who can teach your children free of cost as a human librarian. However, there should be absolutely no extra charge from the students benefiting. 

Once an expert is mapped, it is your responsibility to host him/her and coordinate. We discourage any gifts being given to our human librarians – they need the attention and compassion of the children instead. 

All lectures are to be scheduled only in public spaces and in the daytime. 

To request a Human Librarian to visit your school (or any other gathering of children) 

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