With expanding internet reach and augmented digital content Kalam Library has expanded into setting up free of cost digital libraries in low income schools across India. For this purpose it has set up agreements with three state governments – Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat.

Currently, we are setting up or have already upgraded 100+ libraries as digitally enabled. 

Kalam Library also operates a Digital Lab for Children which creates customized and local language based content using tools such as animation, video and audio which is beamed across to all our digital libraries. 

A remote edition of the Digital Lab shall be operating from the multi-million dollar Dark Matter Laboratory from three kilometers below ground in the Boulby Mines in Whitby, Yorkshire (UK) where the leading physicists and astrobiologists from the world will be lecturing to children connected with the digital libraries given them a new perspective of cutting edge space science.

Any experts, professional, author and teacher can volunteer to connect as a digital trainer and reach out to thousands of children directly by signing up our Be A Human Librarian Form

The Kalam Digital Library was appreciated and launched by the Honorable Vice President of India.


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