Kalam Library Project was started in January 2016 with first library being opened at Lilapur AGY Ahmedabad, Gujarat on February 5, 2016 with the cooperation of many stakeholders. The library was launched by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who donated more than 150 books including 5 books that inspired her in life.

Madhya Pradesh chapter of KLP was launched in December 2016. The first mobile library was launched in May 2016 in Kolkata. This mobile library goes around the city urging children to pick up a few books, read them and return them after reading. The library has a good stock of both new and old books donated by the people and collected by the volunteers.

The number has increased and till date more than 450 libraries have been started across 14 states. These libraries inclusively serve a population of about 100,000 children.

12 of these libraries have also been started in the Children Observation Homes across India to create access of knowledge for the juvenile delinquents so that they can be brought back to mainstream societies by giving their dreams the power of knowledge.

As an extension to KLP, ‘Pustak Mastak – A Human Library’ is an initiative that brings the best of professionals to classrooms. The desire to feed child’s curiosity and to plant seeds of imagination that grows into a big dream is the core objective.


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